After graduating as a software developer and making games for more than two years, I decided to go full time and started my own company, Tuonele. Currently I'm focusing on my own projects, but I'm open to offers for collaboration.

I work with Unity, Godot and Unreal Engine, and specialize in programming. I am also well versed at graphic design, using software like Aseprite, Photoshop and Krita, but prefer outsourcing art as much as possible.


Together We Die

A co-op shooter with horror elements - Take on the apocalypse with your friends, and get into situations. Now in development. Made with Unreal Engine 5.

Boing Odyssey

Build with an array of physics bending tools to solve puzzles, or create and share your own! Released in february 2024, features 96 levels, and a level editor for user generated content. Made with Unity.

Steam link


Run and gun your way through this fast-paced roguelike platformer! A student project, development is currently on hold. Won an "audience's choice" award in the Bit1 2022 competition in Helsinki. Made with Unity.

Try out the prototype